About us

A Simple Way to Partner with Service Providers

Find a Parish is a service provided by the J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. and is provided free of charge to Catholics everywhere. Here you can find parish contact information, Mass schedules, links to parish bulletins and web sites, sponsors that support Catholic Church bulletins, as well as helpful links to Vatican news, daily Mass readings courtesy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), general Catholic news, and the saint of the day.



Our Customers Speak

I chose to advertise with J.S. Paluch because I wanted to get back the personal touch with my customers. I want my customers to know I’m a family owned and operated business and support their communities. 
—RLB Tree Service
I advertise in the church bulletins because it is a great way to create awareness of our service and also it helps us reach a portion of our target market. JS Paluch is responsive and easy to work with.
—Wound Healing Institute
We were able to develop our ad how “we wanted it”. J.S. Paluch was fexible and open to providing suggestions and revisions to maximize our exposure to reach clients that needed us.
—St Charles Psychiatric Association